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If you haven’t read the first part of EXPLORE ABEOKUTA WITH ME, then you should read it  "EXPLORE ABEOKUTA WITH ME" MY OLUMO ROCK EXPERIENCE

After the first 120 steps, I must have burnt out some Calories...

Our tour guide which consisted of a man and his supposed brother, they took us up to the first one hundred and twenty steps while giving us the history of the buildings and stories attached to it.  My bad, I didn’t remember all of the details.

After that, we were then shown the place where the ancient people of Abeokuta offered sacrifices and prayers, (Priest) hence no record of casualties.
The room of the wives of the ancient men of Abeokuta

We then proceeded to the hideout of the wives and kids of the ancient men of Abeokuta during the war. The hideout had a total number of four openings which seemed like a room even though one of it seemed broken.

At the entrance, there were five holes on the floor which was used as a grinder for the residence of the rock. 

That is, five families were hidden under the rock hence the name Abeokuta (Under the rock).
The grave of the first tour guide who dies at age 120.

Our next attraction was the graveside of the first ever tour guide who died at an old age of 120. According to history, he did the job of a tour guide until his last days. 

Just beside his grave was his apartment which still stands strong to this very moment.
The head of one of the queens of the ancient Abeokuta.
One of the Calabash with 2 sets of the eye.

After the grave side, we came to the side of the rock which had the status of three heads and also 2/3 head like calabash that represented some traditional rulers or so. What amazed me about the calabash is the fact that each had 2 sets of eyes on it and each represented something and beside it on the floor, were some cowries’ which symbolized something I can’t remember right now.
Feeling like a baby girl that came mountain climbing.

I wasn't scared here, I was just been extra careful.

We were done with the easy part of the mountain climbing, now to where the real work was. Just in case I forgot to include, the mountain had two methods of climbing up.
The Elevator that never works.

One was via the lift/elevator, the other was doing it manually, that is climbing the rock with both legs and hands.


Finally, at the mountain top, what better feeling than being able to beat your chest and saying to yourself, mission accomplished, job well done after feeling like I was going to slide down and fall from the mountain….
I had the golden jump, the famous jump I see on every Abeokuta post.

I wouldn’t come all the way to Abeokuta only to leave without taking the jump of excitement at the top and show to the whole world that I came, saw and conquered.
The first church is hidden somewhere here, just zoom in.

At the mountain top, I was privileged to find out that Abeokuta had some first not so far from the sight of the mountain. Like the first Catholic church and the first something else, I can’t remember.


If someone had told me some of the things, I am about to tell you now, I guess my trip was have been so perfect.

  •  Dress decently: Abeokuta, is a city I recently found out still holds culture to heart. So, if you ever chose to visit the city, don’t wear a bum short on its street cause both the old and young once would give you the sinner look.

  • While going mountain climbing, it would be advisable for you to have at least a bottle of water with you.

  •  Plan ahead of time where to stay, where to visit, and also where to eat or chill out because I only discovered that just like Lagos, the people there aren’t so patient and good at describing places and routes to you.

  •  Capture Memories: I wasn’t ready for all the goodness the city had to offer, so I couldn’t get most of them on camera cause before I could digest the beauty I had just seen, I had driven pass there. Always make sure your camera is on ready when you decide to go on this trip.

  •  Tour Guide: Never underestimate the power of a tour guide, except you are going there for just climbing sake, never go without a tour guide. They give you a detailed history of the land.

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