5 Lesson from Speakers of WOW (Women of Wisdom)

July 25, 2019 No Comment

I just want to scream and ask myself what have I missed all this while. Working as a PA made me cherish moments like Saturday and Sundays that's if I don't have any state or event or errands to run.

i attended an event organized by the women of my church called Women of Wisdom.

This quarters event had the likes of Damilola Owolabi (Dt clothing) Tomie Balogun, Lilian Paul, Foluke Jaiyeola and Ajibola Abubakar.

Damilola Owolabi Ceo Dt clothing

I am here trying so hard to leave it at 5, but the oversabi house girl in me won't let me.she sounded a bit nervous at first, but went calm all through her speech, she had some point that spat fire.

what i loved the most is the fact that she is her own cheerleader. So lesson number 1, be your own business cheerleader, hype your product and your services by yourself cause you aura sells your market.

Lesson 2,  Consistency is the key to every business. Before trying out much business because they kept failing, keep at one for years but while at it master the craft.

Lesson 3,  in business there's a difference between making money and making a profit. You have to identify if your business just makes money or it also makes a profit.

Lesson 4, Never start a new business with a loan. Though what works for one might not work for the other ,so starting a business that hasn't  tested the waters is a No!! No!!! Don't try it...

Lesson 5, I would try to combine all other points here, but one thing I learned from her is business isn't for everyone, so find what works for you and stick with it.

However, while at it don't forget to pray cause for your business to thrive in Nigeria, God must be involved. This is where she shared her wine press experience and how it changed everything in her business.

Foluke Jaiyeola her profile enh, left med asking when would I really start this career journey, cause really I feel like I am joking and playing around. She spoke about women in the career world and issues they experience.

After pointing out all the issues, here are the five lessons from her.

Lesson 1, for you to succeed in your carer, you have to learn to take charge of your career, in simple English never work behind anyone, don't be a shadow of someone in any organization you find yourself.

Lesson 2, learn how to deal wisely with office politics cause if there's one thing that's inevitable in the workplace, its politics.

Lesson 3, this one is for those with side hustles, use your weekend to plan what happens during the week with your side hustle so there's no clash of interest.

Lesson 4, work to please your customers cause they are the reason you are in business.

Lesson 5, never let your job title describe who you are cause you can actually live above your job

Tomie Balogun did what she knows how to do best, talk finance and investment. According to her, investment is putting your money to work for you. At this point, my battery was low I couldn't take pictures of her but here are my take-home lessons.

Lesson 1, your money attitude is dependent on your mindset. That is the way you think and treat money is dependent on your mindset of money...

Lesson 2, make investment a bill, just like you allocate some amount of income to your groceries and transport, some amount should be allocated to savings and investment on a monthly basis.

Lesson 3, if you find saving and investment hard, try getting an accountability partner who would help monitor and make sure you keep to your plans.

Lesson 4, to save and invest better, you first have to track your expense so as to keep track of where your income goes and how you could cut down on those excess.

Lesson 5, while saving and investing, think towards SAFE, GROWTH and DREAMS.

Interesting right? Side attraction of this event was the free make up class hosted by Lilian Paul. Two things I learned from this session are how to know your skin type, and how to apply a simple everyday makeup with a very little foundation and still look pooping 😉😉.

Other things that kept the ladies going was the side attraction that leads to price giving from sponsors of the event but above that, the prayer session...

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