The Roller Coaster Season; Life Lately

September 30, 2019 1 Comment
                                 A few weeks back, hiding some of my recently acquired fatty glory.
Hey people!!! Watagwan and how has life been lately. For me, life has been a roller coaster that I can't even explain all in this blog post. 

For your information, I am here on a Sunday, bored out and no intentions of going to church today cause a young lady has nothing called clothes to put on.  

                                             A few weeks after I had just resigned.

Well not literally as this young lady you see here, has become one  hell of a fat ass somebody (sorry for the curse word). I remember days when no matter what happened, I never went pass 75kg, but now this lady is 95kg and struggling to get back to at least 80kg.  So guys, if you have any tips, tricks, and methods to lose some weight without feeling like I am being wicked to myself, please share with me in the comment session or via the contact form cause this young lady would love to know. 
Me me few days ago, not minding how big I had become cause na only fat I fat.

If you are wondering what's going on here, I am trying to give a little situation report on what and what has been happening in this young ladies life of recent. 

So a few weeks back, I made a big decision of resigning from a work every young lady I know would kill themselves for. Truth is sometimes we need to really ask ourselves what is it we want from life, career, and love. This questions if answered properly help us make great life decisions and career choices. 

After so much soul searching and all, I realized I was doing what I didn’t enjoy doing and as a result, I became less productive and unfulfilled. I will talk about this much later but for now, just know this young lady no longer works where she used too.

One of my biggest achievements since leaving job should be starting off my Youtube channel and being able to come out from an almost state of depression. It had always been my long-time dream of relaunching my youtube channel and I did with this video. Please watch, share, subscribe and drop your comments to let me know what you feel I could do better.  Click THE RE-BRAND and RE-LAUNCH to watch and subscribe

However, after shooting this particular video, I have had so much 
difficulty shooting another but not to worry, my next video with me 
answering the New You tuber tag question or Get to know me tag question would be dropping soon and new episodes would hit your timeline every Friday. 

My bad!! Did I also tell you this youngie hit the twenty fine wine age a few months back, that's in the month of April, so if you ever said you did give me some birthday gifts, now is the best time to do it as I am still in the mood of accepting birthday present. 

What I looked like on my twenty fine wine celebration, I wasn’t as happy as I looked.

Are you ready for the most interesting part of all this gist, the part I have been wanting to tell you guys all this while, the part I had always talked about on this blog, the part that actually dragged a lot of audience to me, the part that made people ask me questions? 

Well, if I must share that part of the gist, and the depression part, then you have to first watch my video and subscribe then and then will I share this very interesting part to you. 

What’s been going on lately in your life, please do let me know in the comment session or if you wouldn’t mind, you could share via the contact form.

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